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About Kollect Systems
Kollect Systems is a leading technology provider of Revenue & Arrears Collections, Debt Recovery and Agency Management Software Solutions. Kollect provides specific solutions to help its Customers focus on their clients, reduce arrears and optimize profits throughout their Revenue and Profitability Lifecycle. As experts in Revenue & Arrears Collections, Debt Recovery and Agency Management, Kollect continuously brings enterprise level scalable software technologies to the doorstep of its Customers. This helps to reduce Arrears Delinquency, Bad Debt and Improve Tracking & Profitability. Kollect, being a MSC status and TUV Quality certified company has its global HQ in Malaysia and leverages on partners for regional presence in ASEAN, Asia South, Middle East and Africa.

CEO Resume

KeshMahinder Singh
Kollect Systems,
President & CEO

KeshMahinder Singh is the Founder, President and CEO of Kollect Systems. Kesh has been involved in the field of Advanced Software, Help Desk, Call Center, Diagnostic & Machine Learning Systems and Artificial Intelligence since 1987. In recent times since 1996, Kesh has been actively involved in the areas of Revenue Collections, Credit & Risk Management and Debt Recovery Technologies.

He is well known in the region for his expertise in the areas of Knowledge Based technologies, Business Intelligence and Workflow enabled applications, which are targeted to help organizations achieve quantum growth and profitability in their respective operations. He is frequently invited to present at local and International conferences on the subjects of Advanced Software Technologies and Business Strategies. Kesh has previously worked in the Silicon Valley USA, IBM, Fujitsu-ICL, and IT Partners in Malaysia, before starting up Kollect Systems.

Kesh’s professional interests are in leveraging Artificial Intelligence technologies in the areas of Customer Behavior Profiling & Scoring and prediction systems. Kollect provides innovative software applications for Revenue Collections and Debt Recovery processes. The applications are deployed at sites which have hundreds of Revenue Collectors, both in a Call Center settings as well as Field Collectors, which facilitate the recovery of monies due for their respective enterprises from millions of accounts

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