Customers' List

Key Customers - Collections & Recovery System

Company Industry

Hong Leong Bank Berhad

Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad Banking
Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad Banking
Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) Banking
Asset Reconstruction Company (India) Ltd. (Arcil) Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs)

CRM Customers

Company Industry

3M Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Aetna Genesis Healthcare Sdn Bhd Insurance/Healthcare
Alchemy Technology Sdn Bhd IT/Computer/Software
AmberSoft Sdn Bhd IT - Software
Amersham Biosciences AB Life Science
Appco Sdn Bhd Manufacturing
Avis Rent A Car Automobiles
Build Crete Construction Sdn Bhd
Burhrs Asia Pacific
Carat Media Services (M) Sdn Bhd Advertising
CIMB Securities Sdn Bhd Bank/Financial Services/ Financial Investment
Com Colour Sdn Bhd IT/Computer/Software
Commerce International Merchant Bankers Bhd Stockbroking
Cordoda Corporation Sdn Bhd IT/Computer/Software
El-Wyess Business Systems Sdn Bhd IT/Computer/Software
Fish International Limited Import/Export of Fishes
Fisher-Rosemount (M) Sdn Bhd Engineering/Electrical
Fitnes Plus Sdn Bhd Fitness Centre
Geomatika Technology Sdn Bhd IT/Computer/Software
Global Implementors Sdn Bhd IT/Computer/Software
Global Web Holdings Sdn Bhd IT/Computer/Software
GrundFos Pumps Sdn Bhd Engineering/Electrical
Guthrie Solution Sdn Bhd IT/Computer/Software
Hean, Lin Consumer Products
HELP Institute Educational
Hong Giap Sdn Bhd Construction
Hotel Capitol Sdn Bhd Hotels/Resorts

HSS Integrated Sdn Bhd


ING Insurance Berhad

InterDean Worldwide Movers Shipping/Transportation/ Courier Services
Ipdaran Sdn Bhd Water treatment equipment systems and supplies
IPP Advisors Dot Com Sdn Bhd Consulting/Service Agency/ Professional Services
JobStreet .com Sdn Bhd IT/Computer/Software
Kenfil Malaysia Sdn Bhd IT/Computer/Software

Kluber Lubrication (M) Sdn Bhd

Leadership Resources (M) Sdn Bhd
Lexmark Asia Pacific Corp Inc. IT/Computer/Software
Magnus Mgmnt Consultants Sdn Bhd IT/Computer/Software
Malaysia Tourism Board Tourism
Maxis Telecommunication
Maxturn Corporation Sdn Bhd Manufacturing
Maybanlife International Insurance & Investment
Meru Valley Golf & Country Golf Entertainment/Recreational
MSC Venture Corporation Sdn Bhd Consultant services
NeuConcept Business Development (M) Sdn Bhd IT/Computer/Software
Novo Nordisk Pharma (M) Sdn Bhd Healthcare/Medical/Pharmacy
Pernec Technologies Sdn Bhd IT/Computer/Software
Persoft Systems Sdn Bhd IT/Computer/Software
Pharmaciti (M) Sdn Bhd Healthcare/Medical/Pharmacy
Phonographic Performance (M) Sdn Bhd Entertainment/Recreational
Posim Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd Manufacturing
Ricoh (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Photocoping Service
Sapura Business Systems Sdn Bhd Telecommunications
Schultz, John  
SKF Maintenance Service Asia IT/Computer/Software
SmartBit Corporation Sdn Bhd IT/Computer/Software
Springer-Miller International
Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia Licensing
Syspro Impact Software (M) Sdn Bhd
Team Data Sdn Bhd IT/Computer/Software
Tekla (M) Sdn Bhd IT/Computer/Software
Telco United Mktg (M) Sdn Bhd IT/Computer/Software
Telekom Malaysia Telekoms
Terang Nusa Sdn Bhd


The Fourth Skills Training Sdn Bhd IT/Computer/Software
Time Global Insurance Bhd Insurance
TNB-IT Sdn Bhd IT/Computer/Software
TNT Express Worldwide (M) Sdn Bhd Courier services
Total Sports Asia Sdn Bhd Advertising
UBS Elite Sdn Bhd Accounting Co.

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