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CREDIT is a convenience that we all have come to expect. However, credit for the utility services such as telephone, electricity, cable TV, etc. are often taken lightly or even abused by the masses. Especially for telephone bills where the outstanding figure is said to be in the tens of millions annually. Delinquency rate is especially high in this area because of the sense of non-urgency that is conveyed by service providers. Bills sometimes arrive later that the due date resulting in automatic disconnection of services, much to the disapproval of the customer Queues at payment centres can sometimes stretch for hours and can be very discouraging as well.

Telcos face strong challenges in the ensuing months with Equal Access scheduled to be enforced on Jan 1, 1999. This comes at a time when telcos also have to cope with the challenges posed by economic downturn. There is a need to roll-out better services to retain existing customers while expanding their potential clientele base.

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KS EMINENT Systems Sdn Bhd (KSE) is offering a comprehensive suite of "recession busting" solutions and professional services to assist Malaysian and other Asean enterprises overcome current economic crisis.

Chief executive Mr. Kesh Mahinder Singh assures Malaysians that its solutions, targeted primarily at the telecommunications, financial and utility sectors, are among the best available in the market today.

KSE is the new name of CN Eminent Systems Sdn Bhd, which has transformed itself from being primarily an IT and software entity into a company that focuses on IT software development and consulting.

It is common knowledge that payments collection has gone out of hand, with delinquency averaging 30 per cent.

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