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How does Kollect PowerCollect offer a single unified view of Customers?
The Kollect Applications Suite, offers easy access to all lines of business from a single, unified desktop. Because all important information is accessible from one screen, Collectors are better informed about their Customers, and can respond rapidly and accurately to build long-term profitable Customer Relationships. In addition to standard Customer management, the desktop screen offers a series of tabs that provide summary information about Collections activities.

Organizations need the ability to view their Customers at a new, cross-application level. Collections strategies can no longer be viewed as isolated organization goals. Instead, organizations view collections activities as an integral to successful Customer Relationship Management. Organizations may not want a Customer to be treated differently just because they may be delinquent. Organizations should view the value of their Customers beyond simple payment history and weigh other factors, including longevity as a Customer, credit rating and scores, reference ability, financial health, and many other factors. By integrating all of Kollect Applications Suiteís modules and the organizationís existing related applications, Kollect uniquely offers a solution that spans lines of business and allows organizations to holistically view and plan successful Collections strategies for their entire Customer base from a single, unified

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