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How does Kollect Applications Suite support Deterministic Behavior Scoring?

The Kollect Scoring Manager is a module, which helps determine the credit
worthiness of a particular Customer. Information about the Customerís
credit experiences, such as bill-paying history, the number and type of Customer
Accounts in-hand, late payments, collection actions, outstanding debt, and the
age of Customer Accounts, are collected from the module and the various reports,
to help build the score for a particular Customer.

Deterministic Behavior Scoring/Credit scoring is based on rules set by the
organizationís Credit Experts. Scorecards can be built based on the Customer
profiling indicators. Predictive indicators can be derived from analysis of
existing performance and can be improved over time. Customers will be given
a score, which is measured or judged from indicators, such as:

  • Payment pattern

  • Usage pattern

  • Location

  • Disposable Income

  • Etc

The indicators can be customized to suit the organizationís unique business
processes. For example, Customers with High Scores potentially have a Higher
or Greater Risk impact on the organization than Customers who have Low Scores.
The Kollect Scoring Manager is part of the Kollect Rules and Policy Manager.
Information from the Kollect Scoring Manager is used in the Kollect Rules
and Policy Manager for the determination of delinquent or potentially delinquent
Customer Accounts to be processed according to the business rules customized
for the organizationís Credit Collections and Revenue Recovery process.††

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