Kollect PowerSMS

January 03 2019

Kollect PowerSMS An Advance SMS Notification & 2-way Interaction Platform

Kollect PowerSMS allows you to intelligently reach to more people in less time, generate greater responses, spend less money and resources— and still serve more, retain more, and profit more. The new mantra in Business today is to communicate early and often.

Kollect PowerSMS automates the processes required for holding personalized SMS conversations with your Customers. Kollect PowerSMS is an advance SMS Notification and Interaction software platform that supports various types of SMS based interactions. The different methods supported are:

  • Scheduled Bulk SMS Broadcast
  • Ad-hoc SMS Broadcast
  • Interactive SMS Response & Host Updates (2-ways)

1. Scheduled Bulk SMS Broadcast 2. Ad-hoc SMS Broadcast

3. Interactive SMS Response & Host Updates

Why should my business be using SMS?

SMS provides an immediate yet personal notification that reaches the majority of people, wherever they may be. Most people have mobile phones with them all the time and so, SMS is more immediate than email or postal notices.

Benefits of PowerSMS
Different Industries and types of projects using SMS

1. Banking, Finance & Consumer Credit

2. Insurance

3. Airline and Travel Agency

4. Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

5. Food and Beverage

6. Government

Kollect PowerSMS – Unique Value Proposition

The following are some of the unique features of PowerSMS which can bring value to your operations.

1. Mass Personalization

2. Interactive SMS Responses – Improved Customer Service

3. Pre-emptive Collections

4. Reduction of Out-going Calls, Yet Improved Outcome

5. Cost Reduction

6. Personal Greetings & Surveys

7. Customer Phone Number and Account Details Matching

8. Advanced Administrative Capabilities-