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Kollect PowerSMS An Advance SMS Notification & 2-way Interaction Platform

Kollect PowerSMS allows you to intelligently reach to more people in less time, generate greater responses, spend less money and resources— and still serve more, retain more, and profit more. The new mantra in Business today is to communicate early and often.

Kollect PowerSMS automates the processes required for holding personalized SMS conversations with your Customers. Kollect PowerSMS is an advance SMS Notification and Interaction software platform that supports various types of SMS based interactions. The different methods supported are:

  • Scheduled Bulk SMS Broadcast
  • Ad-hoc SMS Broadcast
  • Interactive SMS Response & Host Updates (2-ways)
1. Scheduled Bulk SMS Broadcast
  • Manage sending SMS to large selected groups, at pre-configured intervals, increasing reach and coverage.
  • Send multiple personalized SMS to Customers depending on their state of delinquency or previous responses, automatically in bulk.
  • Provide delivery reports on who has received the message.
2. Ad-hoc SMS Broadcast
  • Allow users to choose the SMS template they wish to send to the Customers and facilitate ad-hoc message sending.
  • Send multiple personalized SMS to Customers depending on their status or previous responses – automatically or selectively.
  • Provide delivery reports on who has received the message.

3. Interactive SMS Response & Host Updates
  • Allow the Customers to respond back their preferences (e.g. Promise-to-Pay (PTP) dates) simply by making a single number choice (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) and replying the SMS to your newly configured SMS Center - Inbox within PowerSMS.
  • Self-service in nature where the interaction capability within PowerSMS is “always on” and is able to respond with Incoming-SMS, PTP dates or other feedback, 24 hours of the day or night from the Customer, at their preferred time.
  • Allow automated feedback and acknowledgment for the responses, to the Customer’s mobile phone from PowerSMSS via SMS.

Why should my business be using SMS?

SMS provides an immediate yet personal notification that reaches the majority of people, wherever they may be. Most people have mobile phones with them all the time and so, SMS is more immediate than email or postal notices.

Benefits of PowerSMS
  • Better Return on Interactions (ROI)
    Every interaction with a customer has a cost and by leveraging PowerSMS thoroughly, you can be more effective yet have personal touch.
  • Reach More! Collect More!
    Collect more past due payments with lesser staff, lesser commission payments, lesser personnel issues and lesser operational costs. PowerSMS empowers the Customer to control the interactions and promises, not the collector.
  • Reduce Contact Center Strain
    Calling everyone on the list, every month is not practical or cheap. But most of them need to be reminded in some ways to respond to your required notifications. Take a hybrid approach; mix the interactions with SMS and calls. Don’t overburden the call center for voice based communications only. Leverage PowerSMS to reach a wider customer base, in a shorter timeframe at a lower cost.
  • Notifications of any Volume, on Time
    The integration with the CRM, Collections, , Billing and Financial systems allow huge volumes of contact numbers to be extracted into lists and sent off via PowerSMS gateway to the Customers, reliably, every time. The feedback loop of success and failures allow for the lists to be constantly cleaned. This reduces human intervention and ensures increased success.
  • Alternative To Dialer Only Approach
    The call center agents generally seek for either a promise to pay (PTP) or some form of response when they call. Some Customers get embarrassed (no face left) if collectors call when they are with someone, at work or lunch.
    So, giving the Customer an option for PTP-by-SMS via PowerSMS is non-intrusive yet flexible. It allows the Customer to respond to the reminder notifications at their convenience via the mobile phone text messaging, day or night. This feedback is updated directly into the system, enabling straight-thru-processing.

Different Industries and types of projects using SMS

1. Banking, Finance & Consumer Credit

  • Monthly Payment Reminders - Cards, Loans, Financing, etc.
  • Approaching Line of Credit (LOC) Limit - Cards and OD
  • Repossession Notice Reminders—Auto Loan
  • Fraud Prevention Verification of Large Value Transactions – Cards
  • Internet Payment and Transaction Verification - Cards
  • International Travel - Credit Cards Transaction Verification
  • Insufficient Funds and Cheque Bounced Notification
  • Cheque Cleared Status
  • Amount Overdrawn Notification – OD
  • Daily Beginning Balance Update - Current & Savings Accounts

2. Insurance

  • Policy Renewal Reminder
  • Monthly Premium Payment Reminder
  • Automated Payment Options Notification
  • Claims Status Notification

3. Airline and Travel Agency

  • Flight Departure and Arrived Notification
  • Emergency & Accidents Notification
  • Standby Seat Availability Notification
  • Airlines Products Promotion Alert
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey by SMS

4. Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

  • Patient Appointment Reminder
  • New Launched Product Notification
  • Lab Results Notification
  • Specific Treatment Reminder
  • Health scan appointment Reminder
  • Patient Education - Information Therapy
  • Program Engagement (Welcome , Enrollment & Scheduling)
  • Payment Collections Notification

5. Food and Beverage

  • SMS Vouchers or Free Gift Coupons Campaign via SMS
  • Special Offers Product Promotion
  • Payment Collections Notification

6. Government

  • Flood, Tsunami, Earthquake, Cyclone Alert
  • Disaster relief updates and reminders
  • Epidemic and Disease Alert
  • Election Results

Kollect PowerSMS – Unique Value Proposition

The following are some of the unique features of PowerSMS which can bring value to your operations.

1. Mass Personalization

  • Sending of unique messages to unique segments or individual Customers via Bulk, Ad-hoc or Interactive SMS Notification.

2. Interactive SMS Responses – Improved Customer Service

  • Allowing Customers to send their responses and Incoming-SMS back to SMS Center Inbox via PowerSMS at their convenient time
  • Providing real-time PTP updates from the Customer's SMS to Kollect PowerCollect, other
  • Collections or CRM Systems (straight though processing)
  • Sending acknowledgement from PowerSMS, ensuring an instant response without any human Intervention
  • Dynamically linking the work lists to relevant officers including their telephone number for Customers to call the officers directly
  • Providing 24 hours availability of PowerSMS to receive and process 2-way Incoming-SMS from the Customers, late night or early morning
  • Acknowledging the payments received via SMS

3. Pre-emptive Collections

  • Proactively reminding potentially delinquent Customers before due date or during X-days.

4. Reduction of Out-going Calls, Yet Improved Outcome

  • Increasing the reach to a larger Customer base, auto reminders of PTP due dates - leads to reduction in Broken Promises and reduction of follow up outgoing calls
  • Increasing the number of self serve and self-cure accounts via SMS
  • Increase penetration of the list, without increasing call center headcount

5. Cost Reduction

  • Experiencing the low cost of getting a Incoming-SMS with only a few cents, compared to getting a PTP via the Collection officers using a dialer cost from $3 to $5 per PTP via dialer enabled call center agents calling.
  • Scaling to connect with a large Customer base with millions of SMSes per day or more
  • Ensuring no hidden costs, pay only what you use

6. Personal Greetings & Surveys

  • Increasing Customer satisfaction by getting PowerSMS to send Birthday, New Year, Seasonal greetings and promotions
  • PowerSMS has ability to automatically grab Customer’s birthday and specific greetings, once such a campaign is setup
  • Sending feel good messages during festive seasons are easily configurable in PowerSMS that are unique to different ethnic races and festivals

7. Customer Phone Number and Account Details Matching

  • Linking Customer or Account ID to a telephone number rather than just a raw telephone number list to the traditional bulk SMS providers. This allows for more intelligent campaign management and reporting

8. Advanced Administrative Capabilities-

  • Successful message delivery acknowledgement report from the Telco directly captured in the Database
  • Automatic tagging of invalid contact numbers to minimize unsuccessful future attempts
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