Kollect PowerApps v5
Revenue Collection and Debt Recovery Management Software System

Kollect PowerApps is a suite of applications which automates and streamlines the entire Revenue Collection and Debt Recovery process. Kollect PowerApps helps organizations to reduce bad debt, improves cash flow and lower days receivable outstanding. Collection personnel have access to up-to-the-minute information on each Customer in terms of delinquencies, payments, disputes and promises to pay, so they can quickly resolve Collection issues with Customers.

External Interface to existing legacy systems is the key to have the 360-degree view of the Customers. Kollect External Interfaces will be plugged to existing legacy systems and information can be downloaded periodically or in real-time as well, depending on the business needs. Kollect PowerApps can be set up as such that depending on a certain Customer contact result, a future date, letter generation or action can automatically be scheduled. Kollect PowerApps is cross-platform. It can run on all major platforms in the market today.

The Kollect PowerApps modules are as follows:

  • PowerCollect
  • PowerRecovery
  • PowerAgency
  • PowerReport
  • PowerMessaging
  • PowerCTi
  • PowerLegal
  • PowerSMS
  • PowerAnalysis


Kollect PowerApps is designed and developed leveraging open systems, industry standard technologies of Java, XML, SQL and Http. The next generation Rich Internet Application (RIA) architecture allows for a very responsive and fast application on the desktop which is Http aware, whereby updates are done automatically in the background. In addition, Business Rules Engine and Predictive technologies bring significant intelligence to the application.

PowerCollect - Revenue Collection Management

  • Collection Management
  • Dynamic Worklist Generation & Assignment
  • Visual Treatment Manager (Calls, SMS, Notices, etc.)
  • Adaptive Scoring Engine & Scorecards (Collection Risk, Behaviour, Profile, etc.)
  • Profiling and Segmentation
  • Unified Collection of Multi-products or Multi-host systems
  • On-Line Performance Monitoring of Collectors
  • Reports of Collection

PowerRecovery - Debt Recovery Management

  • Charge-off / Write-off Management
  • Restructuring and Rescheduling Management
  • Provisioning of Bad Debt (Specific and General)
  • Legal Management (Internal Legal Department)
  • Foreclosure Management
  • Litigation & Case Tracking
  • Collateral Asset Disposal
  • Reports for Recovery

PowerAgency - 3rd Party Agency / Legal Management

  • Accounts / Customer files Distribution to 3rd Parties (Agency, Legal, Auction, Repo, etc.)
  • 3rd party Registration and Contract Terms Management
  • Commission & Invoice Management
  • PowerAgency Lite for Agency use
  • PowerLegal - comprehensive Legal & Case tracking module
  • Reports for Agencies


  • Reports Designer
  • Reporting Scheduler
  • Multi-format output (xls, pdf, xml, etc.)
  • Embedded into the PowerApps Software suite from Kollect
  • Reporting Distribution via email
  • Comprehensive Charting and visual depiction


  • Kollect PowerMessaging is an add-on the Enterprise Messaging Platform of IBM
    • Websphere Message Broker
    • Websphere Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • Kollect PowerMessaging Workbench provides an interactive environment for composing messages in the native format of the target system, working at the field and data type level, not with bits and bytes.
  • Kollect PowerMessaging Runtime operates as a stand-alone web service node or integrated directly into the Message Broker platform, running in-process with tight integration with Message Broker features and configuration.


  • Kollect PowerCTi enables seamless management of call handling, queuing, routing, tracking, automated screen pop capabilities and speed up interaction sessions.
  • Softphone buttons are available in the preview mode and every button performs a specific task for quick execution of actions.
  • PowerCTi will introduce and integrate key Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) features of Genesys T-Server to the PowerCollect environment: push button dialing, outbound call, inbound call, workstation status and collection campaign call lists.

Kollect PowerApps is a highly versatile set of software applications which can be used by various industries and organizations to automate the Revenue Collection and Debt Recovery processes.Some of them include:

Industry Line of Business Description
Banking & Financial Services

  • Credit Cards
  • Auto Loans / Leasing

  • Loans / Mortgage

  • Syariah Loans

  • Insurance

  • Wealth Management

  • Collection and Recovery for pre-NPL and Non Performing Loans

  • Recovery Loan Rescheduling, Reschedulement, Remedial management, Visitation, Shortfall and Legal Management Internal

  • Integration to host Core Banking systems Cardlink, Semacard, Cardpro, Silverlake, Citel, Fidelity Alltel, and many more

  • 3rd Party Management Legal Outsourced Collection Agency, Repo & Auction


  • Wireless
  • Wireline

  • ISP / Leased Line

  • Cable / Satellite TV

  • Revenue Collection and Debt Recovery for effective execution of the Revenue Assurance Lifecycle
  • Integration to Billing systems, Service Provisioning, Fraud, Bulk Printing, Predictive Dialer, Bill Presentment & Payment and Call Center / CRM Systems

  • Some of the hosts integration supported include: Geneva, Kenan Arbor, Atos Origin BSCS, Clarify, Siebel, Peoplesoft CRM, Avaya, Alcatel Genesys T-Server and many more


  • Electricity
  • Water

  • Sewage

  • Revenue Collection and Debt Recovery for effective Revenue Assurance Lifecycle
  • Integration to Billing systems, Service Provisioning, Fraud, Bulk Printing, Predictive Dialer, Bill Presentment & Payment and Call Center / CRM Systems

  • 3rd Party Management Legal, Outsourced Collection Agency, Repo & Auction


  • Pension/Provident Fund
  • Tax Board

  • City and State Councils

  • Housing Loans

  • Student Loans

  • Revenue Collection & Enforcement Management
  • Legal Recovery Civil & Criminal

  • Case Management Workflow & Policy Management

  • Arrears Assessment & Non Compliance Detection

  • Treatment Actions (Visitations, Calls, Notices, etc.)

  • Payment integration to financial systems

  • Integration with Call Center, Internet Portal, Imaging Document Management, Other Statutory Bodies or Government Departments etc.

  • 3rd Party Management Legal, Outsourced Collection Agency, Repo & Auction

Benefits of PowerApps for banking are:

  • Reduces Bad Debt
  • Reduces Non-Performing Account Receivables
  • Reducing Provisions for Bad Debt
  • Reduces Overall Revenue Risks, hence, Reduced Statutory Reserves
  • Reduces Cost of Collection from each Delinquent Customer resulting in better Net Flow rates
  • Reduces Staff Headcount required to manage Collection and Debt Recovery Processes
  • Improves the number of "Self Cures" amongst Delinquent Customers, via Predictive Behaviour Scoring of each Account & Customer
  • Improves the Operational Risk Management Compliance for Basel II with a comprehensive built-in Collection & Recovery Risk Scoring engine
  • Improves the management of Write-offs and Write-backs
  • Improves Performance Tracking & Reporting of Pre-NPL, NPL, Recovery, Legal Panel of Lawyers and Outsourced Collection Agencies

Kollect Systems is a leading technology provider of Revenue & Arrears Collections, Debt Recovery and Agency Management Software Solutions. Kollect provides specific solutions to help its Customers focus on their clients reduce arrears and optimize profits throughout their Revenue and Profitability Lifecycle. As experts in Revenue & Arrears Collections, Debt Recovery and Agency Management, Kollect continuously brings enterprise level scalable software technologies to the doorstep of its Customers. This helps to reduce Arrears Delinquency, Bad Debt and Improve Tracking & Profitability. Kollect, being a MSC status and TUV Quality certified company has its global HQ in Malaysia and leverages on partners for regional presence in ASEAN, Asia South, Middle East and Africa.

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