Services Overview

January 05 2019

Services Overview

Kollect is firmly committed to delivering rapid and sustainable value to its customers. Our unique approach to this goal is to utilize our world class methodology which helps companies significantly improve cash flow performance. Kollect ensures maximum customer satisfaction, global adoption and quantifiable business value with the following activities:

Software Deployment & Project Implementation Services

Kollect's proven implementation methodology has successfully serviced large scale Enterprise customers seeking to improve their Revenue Collection, Enforcement and Debt Recovery processes. Kollect's Consulting Services team has deployed the Kollect software solution within 4-6 months for typical standard implementations. Kollect's approach to systems implementation includes assisting our customers from Requirements Definition through Go-Live and Post-Implementation support phases. Following are high level phases with milestones of the implementation:

Training & Education

Kollect is committed to delivering value by ensuring that users are properly trained and supported during and after the implementation of the solutions. The following types of training courses are available to Kollect customers:

Customer Support

Kollect provides extensive post going-live support for all its solution implementations. Kollect understands the need for end-users to be highly efficient when using the Kollect application. In order to maintain a high level of operational efficiency for your Kollect solution, we provide many different support options for our customers. Kollect's Customer Support Team is dedicated to answering and resolving any and all issues that come up during the regular usage of our solutions. Our customers can report any issues they have via any of the following methods:

Kollect Customer Support has the capability to provide 24x7 global support. As part of the implementation, Kollect develops appropriate Service Level Agreements with customers. In addition to support from Kollect, our Certified Business Partners in the respective local countries are also able to provide our customers with the local in-country support in the respective languages expected by the customers Click Here to access Kollect Customer Support